What is the Cost of a Colorbond Gate?

The Cost of a Colorbond Gate

You’ve decided to buy a new Colorbond fence, you’re probably looking for a gate and wondering what the cost of a Colorbond gate will be.

The type of Colorbond gate you buy will depend on the property and your personal preferences. Do you want it to naturally blend in or stand out from the rest? Advice from a licensed installer will help you choose one that complements the architecture of your building.

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5 Reasons to Choose a Colorbond Gate

Colorbond Gates

Choosing the right gate is about more than great looks. It’s about how it blends in with the environment, how well it can stand harsh conditions and the effort it takes to maintain its appearance.

COLORBOND® steel has been shaping the way Australian homes and business protect their property for over 50 years.

With an evolving range of classic and contemporary colours, technological advancements in resisting harsh conditions, and easy access to trusted installers across the country – it’s no wonder so many people choose a COLORBOND® gate.

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The Advantages of a Colorbond Gate

The Advantages of a Colorbond Gate

Renowned for their durability, evolving range of colours and styles – Colorbond is one brand Australians continue to trust.

Over the years, Colorbond fencing and gates have become a popular choice for homeowners. Considering they offer increased privacy, protection against the elements and are low maintenance – it’s clear to see why.

What makes COLORBOND® steel so unique? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of a Colorbond gate:

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How to Choose the Best Privacy Screens for Your Outdoor Space

How to Choose the Best Privacy Screens for Your Outdoor Space

We all want a nice outdoor area to call our own. A place to unwind after a hard day’s work. Somewhere to spend time with the kids and entertain friends on the weekend. A privacy screen is the best way to do the things you love in private – without having to sacrifice good looks. But how do find the best privacy screens? And who should you trust to install yours?

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The 4 Most Popular Colorbond Fencing Colours According to Aussie Homeowners

Colorbond Fencing Colours

A boundary fence is one of the most popular installations for the home. They offer privacy and separation from neighbours and blend in seamlessly with your outdoor features. Most impressive of all is the Colorbond colours, which let you express yourself freely in the comfort of your entertainment area.

As one of Australia’s trusted suppliers of boundary fencing, Colorbond Steel gives homeowners the chance to configure their outdoor space in a variety of ways. With a range of tones inspired by the colours of Australia, you can enjoy a taste of the outback life or the urban sprawl – the choice is yours.

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10 Ways to Use Privacy Screens in Your Backyard

Ways to use privacy screens

Backyard privacy screens are an elegant way to divide the property and shield aspects of the home from plain sight. Slats and louvres are the most popular style of privacy screens, which offer privacy and separation without compromising on good looks.

From backyard gardens, to carports and side entrances – privacy screens blend in with a range of areas around the home.

Here are 10 ways you can integrate a privacy screen into your home:

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