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Panel Walls - WALLMax® manufactured from  COLORBOND®


WALLMax® Panel Wall Fencing is a modular panel set between large pillar style posts with cappings, fabricated from strong corrosion resistant aluminium.


WALLMax® is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Being both sturdy and stylish this wall also offers a unique sound barrier between neighbours or commercial situations.


WALLMax® offers prestige styling, privacy and a very cost effective solution for sound control. The panels can be finished with a variety of coatings and unlimited colours.


  • Excellent sound reduction – up to 20dB
  • Looks the same both sides
  • Can be sloped
  • No footings required
  • Residential, commercial or urban sites
  • Masonry wall appearance
  • Noise barrier
  • Feature wall
  • Fast install by anyone with basic handyman skills (2 people – 50m – 2 days).
  • Can include decorative tubular, louvre or TimberSLAT® Louvres. Fixed or adjustable.




Panel wall fencing is a very cost effective solution for any residential, commercial, feature wall or urban site including parklands. Being both sturdy and stylish the wall also offers a unique sound barrier between neighbours or commercial situations. A masonry appearance wall is achieved with no footings required.


Modernise your residential development and standout with this new style of garden wall. Use it as an alternative to traditional privacy walls and fencing and bring your estate to life, backed by the certainty of its corrosion resistant aluminium system. Fast to install (2 people – 50m – 2 days). Concrete the posts in on the first day and assemble the wall the next. Letterboxes can easily be inserted by cutting a recess into the wall panels. Install a 2 part letterbox then seal. For major damage (i.e. car crash) the damaged panels can simply be replaced.

Build long lasting styles with confidence using WALLMax® Panel Wall Fencing.




Panel sizes available:
2400mm wide x 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, or 2400mm high (doesn’t include post width)
The panels are a sandwich panel of Pre-Primed COLORBOND® either side a Polystyrene centre, 50mm thick and up to 2400mm high (2 piece).
The core is Polystyrene EPS FR which contains a Fire Retardant.
Asbestos free and CE compliant

Post sizes available:
2.5mm thick x 150mm square
The posts are extremely strong due to their aluminium extruded design with a thickness of 2.5mm. Each 150mm square. Both posts and capping are pre painted Merino/Terrace®.
Size and depth of hole required:
1800mm to 2100mm high panels require posts to be 900mm in ground with 400mm diameter hole. 2400mm high panels require posts to be 1000mm in ground with 400mm diameter hole.


Painting/Coating required
WALLMax® will easily withstand the weather uncoated for many years with its Pre-Primed COLORBOND® exterior, the posts and capping are pre coated Merino/Terrace®. An elegant finished surface can be achieved by applying either a smooth or textured exterior coating. Textures ranging from smooth simulating the modern rendered look to a heavy, bold surface are appealing.



  • No masonry cracks – allows for ground movement
  • Lightweight product – no heavy, dangerous tilting
  • DIY system – very simple to install
  • No strip footings – low cost, no mess, no hassle
  • Economical – compared to masonry and concrete walls
  • Very sturdy – avoid rotting, warping, dents and corrosion
  • Quiet – superior noise reduction up to 20+dB
  • Insulated – cool, no heat transfer
  • Easy to coat – smooth wall surface, pre-primed posts
  • Modular – design and build your own style
  • Can include decorative powder coated or TimberSLAT® Louvres. Fixed or adjustable.
  • Combat the elements – termite resistant and the Polystyrene core conatins a Fire Retardant
  • Transport efficient – lightweight components



10 years, providing the wall is installed and coated to manufacturers specifications.





WALLMax® Panel Wall Brochure


Click Here to download our WALLMax® brochure.






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